Pleasant Hill

Saskatoon Homes For Sale Pleasant HillPleasant Hill, which is next to the burgeoning Riverdale neighbourhood, is now undergoing a multi-million dollar rehabilitation. The majority of the residences in this neighbourhood are multi-unit dwellings. Pleasant Hill is undergoing a significant redevelopment project, with $3.5 million spent in commercial and residential sectors. The Saskatoon Urban Renewal Initiative, the provincial government, and the Federal Government’s Western Economic Diversification project will fund neighbourhood improvements in this region. The bulk of the 4,300 individuals that live in this community live in multi-unit dwellings. St. Paul’s Hospital is located on 22nd Street West in Pleasant Hill. Pleasant Hill Community School and St. Mary’s Wellness and Education Centre are the two elementary schools available. Pleasant Hill Spray Pool is available during the summer for families to enjoy the great weather while exploring the many nearby parks. Although English is the most often spoken language in this area, Cree, Ojibway, and Ukrainian are all commonly heard.

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